Why ‘Tough Love’ ?

    I’m just a girl…which can work for me or against me in this world. I find that being a woman means so many different things depending on the task at hand. Thank God I have as many characteristics in my arsenal to help me fight through the all the crap life throws my way.

    I named my debut collection “Tough Love” because that phrase explains every woman’s experience. Society expects me, as a woman, to be gentle and sweet and nurturing, to know where my place is and stay there. But ironically, sometimes “Be a woman” actually means that I need to “man up”, be independent and assertive…..

    …then there’s that word “Assertive”…it’s the tricky grey area between not settling for less and being a bitch; and knowing how to walk that line and when to stray away from it. It’s quite the balancing act, yet we are expected to execute that action without error everyday.

    This Fall Collection is my ode to today’s woman: she works, she struggles, she endures, she nurtures, she teaches, she loves. She’s expected to negotiate her way through these dueling personality traits, flip the script on cue, and remain sane all the while. She’s a true warrior goddess, built to withstand all that seeks to defeat her.

    In yoga, the “warrior” pose is one of the easiest to get into, but one of the hardest to master (at least for me); it takes strength from somewhere else. And once I overcame the strain and pain associated with it and just breathed through it, at some point, it was as if I had found the perfect groove in space and time that allowed me to achieve a divine balance…I literally felt weightless… suspended in gravity. Talk about confidence-building…just call me Athena! I AM WOMAN. WATCH ME WORK IT!!

    So, I try to apply this method in every area of my life. And with this fashion line, my goal has been to make garments that compliment this duality in every woman. Her clothes have got to make her look strong enough to be competent, yet feminine enough to be appealing. Sometimes life gets pretty sharp and Brianna Kavon serves as the armor that protects her from all those cuts and scratches, allowing her to emerge unscathed and looking great.

    The same blade that almost cut her is also the one that sharpens her life skills. And she’s a better woman because of it. There’s no strength-building without resistance, no gain without pain. We go through the fire to be purified and reborn, only to emerge on the other side like a phoenix from the ashes. And this, my friends, is the Creator’s art of Tough Love. Two terms that seem contradictory, but cannot function independent of each other.

    So I try to remember that when I find myself between a rock and another hard place: it takes a diamond to polish a diamond. Sounds painful, but I find that in life and in fashion, BEAUTY IS PAIN! If our experience had a slogan , it would read:  Life. Separating the grown women from the girls daily.

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