“Fashion became a hobby the first time I was burned by the assumption, ‘I want it, so it must exist.’ Since then, I’ve been building garments in the back of my mind”.

A true child of the 80s, the shows Dynasty and Dallas molded Brianna’s idea of glam. Today, her fashion sense is also heavily influenced by movies, Hip-Hop and her mother, whose classic style calls for hats, gloves and pumps—no special occasion needed.


She credits many aspects of her present reality to her multi-faceted upbringing. The eldest of three, Brianna was raised by a single mother primarily in the West Dallas housing projects, Oak Cliff, and Duncanville areas of Dallas. Her family moved frequently and to many parts of the country, including Minnesota, Los Angeles and New Jersey. This nurtured her creativity and versatility; and infused Brianna with the total urban experience, viewed from many perspectives. It also confirmed a now comforting observation she’d made as a very young girl: Dallas women overdress for everything.


During middle school she began sewing as a means to alter her own clothes to better fit her body type and style; which naturally progressed to the design and re-design of garments by hand until her mother bought her a sewing machine. As an adult, she sought out local seamstresses and local designers, who served as mentors and encouraged her in all things fashion. Brianna left “corporate america” to launch her own fashion line with no technical training, just a lifetime of faith and design.


“I always wanted to make clothes that made a woman feel feminine and flirty without sacrificing her integrity”.  Among her favorite labels are Diane VonFurstenberg, Missoni, Roberto Cavalli and the incomparable Alexander McQueen.