All is Fair in Love and War

Thinking back on the inspiration for the wool garments in the Tough Love Collection, it stretched from just about every tangent one could imagine. Though all of the looks have common roots, they have very specific inspirations.


    Who didn’t love Michael Jackson???!! Aside from being a musical icon, he was a style icon as well. C’mon, yall, Mike had flavor for days, at least his stylist did. Either way, we kids of the 80’s witnessed one of the finest examples of fashion contradiction: the sequined military jacket.

    Who would have thought to marry these two elements that seem to contradict each other in every way?? …wish it had been me, but at the time my talents lent themselves more to glitter and glue.

    But now I’m a grown woman, and preoccupied with bigger issues than bling-ing out the alphabet. The focus now is how to be competent in a world that expects “the world” of me. It’s been said that some people wear many hats throughout the day. I think women are expected to wear all their hats at once!

    The Armor jacket and trousers were created in the spirit of the Every-Woman. Over the course of her one day, she’s going to encounter any number of tasks and duties. The world is tugging at her from every angle and she doesn’t have the luxury of ignoring it. She’s got the 10am meeting at work, shopping at lunch, parent-teacher conference at 4, happy-hour networking and ultimately, the fly guy at home (maybe). Super-Woman, this is your uniform!

    She needs a garment that plays both defense and offense; one that speaks to every aspect of her day. The structure and tailoring fortifies her and allows the jacket to serve as her protective gear in the everyday battle of life; while the heart is a reminder of the greatest weapon in her arsenal.

    Today, it’s as if being lady is a bad habit that no one wants to indulge in. Submit to it and tap into your true prowess and intuition! The battle is not with men, it’s with self.

    I think our hearts are just as powerful as our minds; which we often forget in this ‘man’s world’. But the day we stop trying to compete as men and actually exploit our own natural grace and finesse, we won’t have to kick down doors, we can persuade someone to open them. Because all is fair in love and war. 

    Then there’s that saying about catching more bees with honey…true, but just don’t forget that while honey might get you in the door, you are gonna need that brain if you wanna sit at the table. Good thing women embody the best of both worlds. And though there’s no given dress code in either of these worlds, a dress code is definitely implied.

    For that reason, this garment was conceived. Brianna Kavon’s answer to the military jacket; as fashionably contradictory as Michael’s. I guess to me, this was the most natural progression from that look…I mean, where else is there to go after sequins???

    But let’s be mindful that the coupling of the heart with the military jacket is more relevant than we think. After all, every battle has one common factor: PASSION.

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1. Dawn wrote:
I love this jacket and I can totally see the MJ inspiration in it and I really loved it paired with shorts.

Fri, February 11, 2011 @ 3:54 PM

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